Cubicles can be an excellent way for any business owner to maximize their own workspace in order to both boost productivity and morale in the workplace. Cubicles add order to an office space, allowing employees to enjoy privacy and the benefits that come with have an enclosed workspace to yourself.

This reserved, personal space allows your employees to focus more and at Capital Office Furniture we have a wide range of cubicle types and styles to meet your exact circumstances.
Before picking your own cubicle layout, first you should recognize that every workstation will have a significant effect on the atmosphere and, when it comes to purchasing cubicles, Capital Office Furniture we have a wide range of cubicle types and styles to meet your exact circumstances.

Refurbished Cubicles:

Finding office cubicles that look brand new but are available at a lower cost can be tough. These office cubicles have been thoroughly refurbished to ensure that you get long-lasting workstations at a lower cost. We operate with a tried-and-true method for producing a high-quality refurbished cubicle.

Our restoration process consists of several stages, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Panels of side rails, electric, and feet are being stripped.
  • Cleaning and expertly fitting new custom cloth into cubicles.
  • Cleaning of side rails, which is done by a professional prepper.
  • Electrostatic paint is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Cleaning of raceway feet and electric parts, as well as functional, efficiency, and safety checks.

Advantages of Used Cubicles vs. New Cubicles

The expense is the primary reason our clients choose pre-owned cubicles to new ones. Much like used furniture, used cubicles are lower in price than new ones, making savings as high as 60% in comparison to new cubicles. This can be a significant savings, particularly for smaller businesses or others that choose to use their cash flow for other purposes.

We recognize that our customers depend on us to assist them in saving money on office furniture. They also depend on us to assist them in selecting the appropriate furniture — wall panel heights, cubicle lengths, office chairs, and so on.

Cubicle Antimicrobial Solutions

Some businesses require a workplace to be as sterile as possible. Health-sensitive practices must be kept as germ-free as possible, and it is not uncommon for us to receive calls for special considerations in this regard.

We’ve created a series of refurbished cubicles made of different materials to assist you in maintaining a safe working atmosphere. Anti-microbial cloth is one such solution for cubicles. This cubicle styles material is permanently encapsulated, making it resistant to stains, fungi, bacteria, and mildew. To ensure long-term safety, the fabric incorporates a breathable moisture buffer. This makes washing your cubicles a breeze when all you need is soap and water!

Custom Cubicles:

Are you thinking the traditional cubicles aren’t functioning in your office?

If this is the case, custom cubicles are an excellent way to upgrade the office space. They not only help to create privacy and improve efficiency, but they also add flow to a space. At Capital Office Furniture, we can design bespoke cubicles to fit your unique workplace layout.

Drawings for Customized Layouts

Making a custom plan drawing is one of the first steps in making custom desks. A member of our team will take measurements of your office room and produce a one-of-a-kind style rendering for you.

We will then discuss the cubicle configuration with you and what would fit better with your office’s specific measurements to increase productivity. We will ensure your idea is realized by making this drawing ahead of time.

Installation of Cubicles

After we explore your preferred custom cubicles and get an idea of what you want them to look like, we will build them and, if desired, mount them. This way, you and your colleagues will enjoy them as much as possible.

Our Customization Options

We have a wide range of customization options, including:

  • Colors in cloth and paint.
  • Components of storage
  • Heights and measurements.

Our Cubicle Styles

Our team knows that no two offices are identical, which is why we deliver a variety of cubicle types. We want your office room to feel spacious and easy to navigate, and our range of cubicle types is sure to meet these requirements.

We provide and build cubicle types including, but not limited to:

  • Workstation cubicles.
  • Efficient Space Cubicles.
  • Acoustial Cubicles.
  • Cubicles to large work centres.
  • Corner Cubicles.
  • Bespoke Cubicles.

We take great pride in our inspection process at Capital Office Furniture. We recognize that your office furniture has an effect on both your staff and your customers, which is why we only offer high-quality, eye-catching pieces.