The open office plans have become the standard setup in the business world. Being able to work in an amusing and collaborative way is a great advantage of using open office plans. Undoubtedly, there are times when employees need a break from the noise and the distractions that such an environment results in. Companies have begun to see the value in quiet spaces – places where both introverts and extroverts can go to get work done and to unwind. There are a variety of different workplace designs that can be used to create quiet spaces. A coming of age solution to noisy workplaces is having a small enclosed room built specifically for solitude. Various resources are available to sound proof or block distracting visuals in the room. Albeit, closing the door can solve most disturbances. Having the quit space is only half the battle. The right furniture is what really makes the quiet space become relaxing and stimulating environment. Comfortable seating combined with appropriate lighting can create a world apart from the overloaded workplace. Quiet rooms are becoming more and more popular in the business community. Companies with a big enough budget have started implementing quiet rooms that can host multiple individuals at one time. The use of these rooms is to allow more than one person to rest and recover at a time. Allowing work staff to have a place to focus and refresh their mind will keep productivity levels maximal and lead to overall happier staff.