When it comes to efficiency in the workplace one of the easiest ways that you can become more efficient is to become focused at your workspace. The first step to becoming focused is having a clean workspace and studies have shown that with a clear and clutter free working space you can respectively boost your efficiency. Here are some top tips for keeping your Orlando desk organized and for staying more productive:

  1. Always keep a trashcan within reach: garbage can clutter up your Orlando desk very quickly especially if you don’t have some way to get rid of it. Don’t be afraid to put a recycling bin or a garbage can right beside your Orlando desk so that you can instantly dispose of any paperwork or wrappers that can compromise your Orlando desk space.
  2. Get rid of the knickknacks: knickknacks and small games on your Orlando desk can be a nice distraction when things get very stressful but if you find yourself regularly getting distracted by holiday snaps, wishing that you were anywhere but work it might be time to put them away and de-clutter your workspace.
  3. Get a physical inbox and outbox: keeping all of your work organized is a big priority rather than just having stacks of paper on your Orlando desk getting a shelf or a physical inbox and outbox is a great way to keep the clutter on your Orlando desk organized.
  4. Clean your Orlando desk every day: coming into a cluttered desk at work every day doesn’t make you excited to work at all. Take five or 10 min. at the end of the day and make sure that you workspace is clear and ready for you in the morning.
  5. Use your cell phone camera rather than hold onto stuff: if you are keeping an ink cartridge or a newspaper clipping for something that you need to remember, just take a picture of it on your cell phone. Post it notes and reminders can be helpful but with today’s technology you can get all of these reminders completely paperless and clutter free.

These are just a few top tips on how you can reduce the clutter and boost your efficiency every day.