While open-plan offices can have their advantage, many businesses are now reverting back to the traditional cubicle layout. Since their introduction in the 1960s, cubicles have transformed how offices operate.

The privacy provided by creating partially enclosed workspaces allows employees to enjoy their own individual space, which can enhance efficiency and maximize performance. However, if you are looking to install cubicles in your Orlando office, should you opt for new or old ones?

Pros and cons of new cubicles

The biggest benefit of adding new cubicles to your office is that they will be built to meet your exact requirements. This means the size, style, and materials are created to suit your office, letting you create the perfect aesthetics for your business.

However, they do cost significantly more, with many new office cubicles costing up to three times as much as used alternatives.

Pros and cons of used cubicles

Used and refurbished cubicles are not only a more cost-effective alternative, but they are also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. This makes them particularly useful for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall sustainability.

Unlike new cubicles, refurbished solutions will not be tailored to your exact requirements, which means you will need to compromise slightly on style and design.

Looking to install cubicles in your office?

If you are looking to upgrade your Orlando, FL, office with new or used cubicles, then Capital Office Furniture is here to help you. We provide a wide range of new and refurbished solutions, while our team can also help with free space planning, design, and installation to ensure you get the very best solutions possible.

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