Office parties offer a wonderful opportunity to get to know and spend time with coworkers outside of the usual work grind. Forget the expense reports, order forms, and quarterly reports – it’s time to party! Here’s a list of fun New Year’s party ideas to liven up your office this holiday season.

  1. Go Monochromatic. Choose a color and make it your over-arching theme. For the ultimate festive touch you can choose celebratory colors like gold or silver and spray paint or glitter-coat all of your decorations. Encourage all of your guests to wear your color and see how successfully you can ‘[color]-out’ your office!
  2. Count it Down! Include fun, festive count-down clocks everywhere! Start with the dessert table and turn all of your circular desserts into delectable time pieces. Set all of the sugar clocks to just before midnight and watch the anticipation amp up throughout the night.
  3. Ring in the New Year. Decorate the office with sparkling, shiny hoops or rings and pass out ring pops to help everyone ‘ring’ in the New Year. Include lots of cliché, funny phrases in your party hosting speeches and turn the festive phrase on its head with lots of shameless puns!
  4. Glow Party! Rent a blue light for your event and decorate your space with glow in the dark hoops, rings, and sticks. If you’re hosting an office dinner you can decorate place settings with looped glow sticks on plates and under cups and you’ll receive glowing reviews!