Assist RX

Project Completion: 

Capital Office provided furniture solutions that were intended to support the high tech, highly collaborative, diverse teams and their functions at Assist RX.

Depending on their departments function, being administrative or production services, furniture was selected to enhance their work flow processes. For example, production services teams might be standing or sitting at their Oxygen Benching stations to collaborate and creatively solve problems together, efficiently.

Like most high tech companies, minimal storage was needed so a cushion top rolling pedestal is provided for every station. There is a mix of standing height and seated height work zones. On the administrative side, divider screens were added since this group is less collaborative and more “heads down”. For teams that required more client phone interaction or in the call center, Matrix 50″ high frame and tile system provides more sound absorption less distraction or disruption from other more lively zones.

Calibrate Desking was used in the private offices and team rooms and marries up nicely with workstations. Since budget was a concern, Capital Office partnered with Office Liquidation to blend in preowned AIS Matrix stations, with new that was liquidated recently from another client, without compromising aesthetic in the newly designed by Walker Design LLC, space.

Featured Manufacturers: AIS, OPS, SitOnIt, Krug, OFM, Artopex, Rouilliard, Global