Every morning millions of people wake up to the dreaded buzzing alarm clock, sloths all the way to the kitchen and starts the coffee maker for their daily dose of caffeine. But this isn’t a new habit picked up yesterday, in fact most people start drinking coffee in high school or college and continue drinking coffee for the longevity of their life. The question may come to mind, what is it about coffee that is so beneficial that millions of people drink it as part of their daily routine. Most people would answer that the caffeine gives them the boost the need to get through their day. Most people would be correct. Caffeine is the cause of the energized state your body enters after downing some coffee or an energy drink. Although, most people probably don’t know that this energized state happens because caffeine stimulates the body to make adrenaline. Adrenaline puts your body into a heightened state for a short period of time and comes with the price of irritability and anxiety. Large doses of caffeine have been known to raise blood pressure which can lead to irrationality due to lack of oxygen. Not to mention caffeine is addicting and can cause withdraw symptoms over long periods. A better way to increase your energy levels and endurance throughout the day is change the diet. Try replacing that cup of coffee with a banana, slice of toast and a protein. The protein and simple sugars from the banana will be digested in the first 30-45 minutes after being consumed which gives the much needed energy boost in the morning. Complex carbohydrates from the toast will be digested and absorbed over the next 4-6 hours giving steady energy through the day. These natural sources of energy will leaded to healthier body and mind.