AO2 Cubicles by AIS

AO2 is a classic monolithic panel system designed to be stand-alone, interchangeable with, or work in tandem with Herman Miller¨ Action Office Series 2.


AIS AO2 Technical Information


  • Integrates overlap/stapling of fabric when manufacturing panels. AIS has integrated this process – ensuring consistent tensile of fabrics, adding years to the panel lifespan.
  • System utilizes die-cast aluminum on all end-cap top and bottom blocks. Herman Miller uses plastic molded top blocks on end-caps that are fragile, and crack almost always over time.
  • System includes enhanced, easy to mount trim and base covers. AIS redesigned the base cover clips to easily mount 48Ó and 60Ó base covers. Placing base covers of this size on Herman Miller Action Office 2 is cumbersome and difficult for installers. Overall, AIS offers a superior install and reconfiguration friendly base cover and trim system.
  • Includes a reinforced Glide Support brace, offering increased load capacity.
  • Offers oversized glides for additional adjustably on uneven floors.


  • Overhead units feature steel shelf ends. AIS offers an ultra-light, aircraft grade painted steel and aluminum locking flipper door unit. AIS metal units have high quality accuride mechanisms versus the outdated plastic wheel and track system still used by Herman Miller. Furthermore, to reduce costs, Herman Miller offers a low quality molded plastic shelf end assembly with their flipper doors.


  • Ceiling Feeds and Base In-Feeds are fully interchangeable with Herman Miller (pre-1992) power.
  • When integrating with (post-1992) power, the use of a hermaphroditic OEM cable is needed along with an AIS power harness at point of entry. For example, company XYZ has an existing setup of Herman Miller (post-1992) power and AIS power entry feeds are to be used. The panel of entry must be converted to the use of an AIS power harness for that panel, and then the hermaphroditic OEM cable connects from the AIS power harness to the Herman Miller power harness. The connection is now deemed complete.
  • If company XYZ had (pre-1992) Herman Miller power, the AIS power entries would act as plug and play. No hermaphroditic jumper or AIS power harness is needed.
  • When integrating AIS power harnesses with Herman Miller power harnesses:
  • If (pre-1992) Herman Miller power, only an AIS standard jumper cable is needed. No hermaphroditic cable is needed. Once the connection is made with an AIS standard jumper, you may continue to run the AIS power down a spine.
  • If (post-1992) Herman Miller power, a hermaphroditic OEM cable is needed, along with an AIS I-Connector and an AIS standard jumper. These are sold together in an OEM Transition Kit. From the Herman Miller power harness, connect the hermaphroditic OEM cable, then attach the I-Connector and then the standard jumper which connects to the AIS power harness. Once the connections are made, you may continue to run the AIS power down a spine.


  • Lifetime warranty. 01/2014 AIS raceways are a single piece welded frame, with extended glide adjustability. HM frames include a bottom piece with a stem and glide that fits into the panel. The AIS raceway is far more rigid and durable for wear and tear, reconfiguration, and general longevity of the systems. HM frames are flimsy, and contribute to the general fit and finish inconsistency with their raceway covers and trim pieces.

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