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MWall is a simple, versatile, monolithic panel system made to support every work environment.

The system engineering is based upon a well known, proven, high end system and improved to provide electric alternatives and increased flexibility.

SKU: N-42010-ais


The system engineering is based upon a well-known, proven, high-end system and enhanced to offer increased flexibility and electrical options.

AIS MWall Technical Information


  • System accommodates beltline raceway with steel raceway Òkick-platesÓ, with power and data both available at the beltline height.
  • Beltline panels are interchangeable with non-beltline panels. Can interchange with bottom raceway, no raceway, or any combination of panels offered.Panels are 2Ó thick, with tackable core option.Panels have steel-to-steel connection system eliminating the use of separate 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, inline connections.
  • Panels have steel lined top-channel raceway, and necessary accessory options to accommodate at least 50 pair Category 5 cables, and ability to bring cables to worksurface height.


  • Worksurfaces are 1 1/8Ó thick, use high-pressure laminate surface and backing, 2mm vinyl PVC edges.
  • Pedestals have a minimum depth under a 24Ódeep worksurface of at least 23.75Ó, and all box and file drawers must have full extension ball bearing suspensions.
  • Overhead locking storage units include steel and fabric covered, which open over top of cabinet, not a recessed door. Unit must be designed to not allow items to be placed on top of cabinet, and may not be a receding door.


  • Uses 8 wire, 4 circuit electrical system.
  • Ability to pass from a powered panel thru a non powered panel into a powered panel with a pass-through jumper extender.
  • General
    • Must be new product, not refurbished or used.
    • Product comes with Lifetime Warranty for manufacturer’s defects.
    • 10 day quick-ship option, with a minimum of 125 standard fabrics, 30 standard laminates, and 9 paint options on quick ship program. Quick ship available for orders up to 200 workstations. Maximum lead time may not exceed 4 weeks, or 20 working days for any cataloged MWall product line.

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