If you work in an office and regularly have to sit for hours on end ergonomically designed office furniture and lumbar support chairs can be a real lifesaver and can protect your back against workplace strain and injury. Lumbosacral disks in your back the extra load placed on them when you are sitting especially when you are sitting in a chair that encourages poor posture. When you sledging your chair this can stress the soft tissues in the joints in your spine which can start to cause lower back pain over time as well as place an extended amount of stress on your lower back which you will feel any time that you stand up. The problem with many of today’s workplaces is that sitting is encouraged and quite often when sitting in an office chair we don’t take the time to take breaks and shift our weight as well as maintain adequate posture. This is why so many office workers experienced difficulties with lower back pain and stress on their spine. While many have to turn to services like a chiropractor to help adjust their posture and fix their back, ultimately you can do massive favors for your spine simply by introducing an office chair with lumbar back support. Lumbar back support on a chair will help to promote good posture through the day by positioning your spine and filling the gap between the lumbar sections of your spine and the chair. This means that you can sit with your back straight against the back of your Orlando desk chair and receive support for the spinal position. As your body grows tired your Orlando desk chair can continue holding you up and providing you with support rather than having the lumbar muscles in your back to all of the work. While our natural tendencies to lean forward in our desk chair especially when we are having a longer day, a chair with lumbar support will assist us with any ergonomic task and prevent strain on the neck, back and are spine overall. This means that you can introduce an ergonomically designed chair with lumbar support and enjoy proper posture throughout your day for less chance of conditions like carpal tunnel, back pain, neck strain and more. Introducing chairs with lumbar support to your office could mean less sick days, better employee health and happier employees overall.