Creating a comfortable, professional atmosphere in your Orlando office is incredibly important for work productivity, consistency in the Orlando office, and overall satisfaction and happiness of customers and staff. However, work relationships can be hard to manage and the most professional workplace priorities may not be the easiest. Here are some quick tips to make your office feel comfortable and professional. Stress Considerate Actions. Respect in the workplace is rooted in consideration and it’s important that your staff is able to process decisions and resolve conflicts with more than one perspective in mind. As consideration becomes a cornerstone of your office you’ll see customer relationships improve in turn. Implement a Dress Code. Dress codes set base line standards for expectations in the Orlando office and people appreciate knowing what’s expected of them. Consistency is key here. Set a dress code that everyone is comfortable with and can adhere to which also portrays a professional look for your office. Open Lines of Communication. The office should have set communication routes so that everyone can feel comfortable discussing praises and problems. Whether you do this through management, department heads, or a human resources representative, everyone should feel comfortable vocalizing because, ultimately, these comments could improve business. Celebrate Little Victories. It’s far too easy to feel underappreciated in a large office community, especially when you feel that there is a lack of recognition for hard work. Managing incentives and praise in an office setting shouldn’t get out of hand but consistent praises for little victories matter!