Telecommuting may seem like a questionable method. Will employees be as productive when working out of the home? Are employees more tempted by distractions or lose focus more easily when working out of the home? These are legitimate concerns when deciding to utilize a telecommuting system. Despite the downfalls, telecommuting is steadily becoming the norm in many businesses. There are multiple reasons as to why Telecommuting should be considered in your business strategy. Most importantly, increased productivity has been notably seen from employees working out of the home. Many individuals find the home an easier place to focus and be constructive than an over packed office. The increases in productivity has been linked to the mental stimulation of having self-management; employees feel trusted when given the opportunity to work from home. Another reason to consider Telecommuting is because of increased efficiency. There is less need for in person meeting with the introduction on online conferencing tools. Communication online has been instantaneous and recordable, so everyone in a meeting can obtain all the necessary information and respond directly. In addition, Telecommuting can lower stress levels which also leads to increased efficiency. Most employees wake up hours before they need to be at work in order to hastily finish morning chores and sit in morning rush hour traffic before finally slumping down to an uncomfortable desk just to work on a computer. Not to mention the hassles of possibly forgetting work materials or needing to decide what to do for lunch. Telecommuting dissolves all of these and allows employees to wake up at a reasonable time and sit down at a comfortable work place to take care of business.